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Top notch team in design, advertising and computer graphics for powerful impact.

Founded in 1993, Team Coach Imaging is specialized in fleet signage and digital printing for bus and recreational vehicles. We offer our clientele superior quality products that will give their company exceptional visibility, conveyed by a tasteful, distinctive design.

We provide a full range of printed graphics that can be affixed to all kinds of buses and large recreational vehicles. Team Coach Imaging has its own staff of designers and graphic artists –talented, creative people who will make sure your design has maximum impact. With our North American network of installers, we can serve all of Canada and the US.


  • Solid reputation built over 18 years

  • Installation network throughout North America

  • Direct purchasing power with 3M Canada and Avery USA

  • Latest generation of digital printers

  • Team members with a wide range of competencies

  • In-house training by Team

  • Well-established network of qualified subcontractors

  • Network of reliable and professional installation contractors

  • Short delivery timeframes

  • We build close and loyal client relations


Top notch team in design, advertising and computer graphics for powerful impact.

Our digital printing service uses the latest technology printers to print onto all sorts of media in sizes ranging up to extremely large, and with exceptional quality.


This four-colour piezoelectric printer provides superior quality for large sizes and uniformity for tractor trailers and vehicles.


With the addition of saturated oranges and greens, this eight-colour piezoelectric printer has an exceptional chromatic palette. It accommodates a variety of roll media up to 64-in wide. With its extremely fine 1440 dpi resolution, its printouts can mimic a painter’s brushstroke.

Ideal for precision projects and reproducing saturated colours.


The ColorPainter H2-104s/H2-74s high-speed series coupled with improved reliability evolved to the top of the line of wide format printers.

With the Smart Pass Technology 3 this printer has evolved to its next stage by using the most advanced algorithms and improved mask patterns to reduce overspray and eliminate pass-to-pass banding.

Achieving 900 dpi at the maximum quality mode, this printer can offers unparalleled image quality with less graininess.With Gray and
Light Gray inks.

It is capable of expressing real gradation, light shadows and metallic texture which can not be achievable with composite colors.

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